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How to reach the well-heeled Gujarati from London and New York 

The favourite weekly of the largest, arguably the most affluent and the most conspicuously consuming community in India, the Gujaratis, is Chitralekha· For over 73 years now, Chitralekha has been keeping this community informed about news, events, culture, stories and more…. unfailingly every Saturday of the week· Now Chitralekha Online is reaching out to the affluent Gujarati Community overseas and locally, helping them be in touch with Indian news, Gujarati culture and the community. Chitralekha Online is the nerve centre of thriving, vibrant Gujarati community, locally and internationally. Advertisers can reach Gujaratis everywhere through Chitralekha Online.

General Interest Magazines:

1) Chitralekha Gujarati

Now Chitralekha is available online catering to an ever widening audience of Gujarati’s, Bollywood film enthusiasts and anyone who wants to live smart, wherever they are in the world!

The Group now covers a large gamut of target audiences at virtually all psychographic and demographic levels, using high quality printing technology, a completely computerised pre-press to printing set-up and excellent quality paper, Chitralekha has created a reputation in both the minds of the readers as well as the advertisers.

Almost all its publications are family-read and loved. The readers encompass the entire sweep of the social structure. Small wonder then, that over the years, circulation figures have steadily marked quantum leaps in each of the publications.

Today what the Chitralekha group says about itself is less important than what the readers say about its publications.


Online Advertising Rate 

Online – Advertising Rates (per month)

Top Banner  – Rs. 75,000
728px(Width) x 90px(Height)

Custom Banner – Rs. 50,000
250px(Width) x 250px(Height)

Custom Banner Banner : Rs. 35,000
250px(Width) x 250px(Height)

Bottom Banner – Rs. 35,000
728px(Width) x 90px(Height)

Sidebar Banner – Rs. 20,000
300px(Width) x 300px(Height)


Online banners can be in .Gif, .Jpeg or in Swf file format.

On no account will material which exceeds the dimensions or file sizes specified be accepted.

Wherever needed Chitralekha Online will help advertisers to create the banners

Further details contact us at : web@chitralekha.com

For Advertising  contact us at : advertise@chitralekha.com