Chitralekha Gujarati Digital Edition dated 27 April’20

Happy Birthday, Chitralekha

As your beloved publication steps into the 71st year on 22nd this month, Madhuri Vaju Kotak, the co-founder of Chitralekha takes a nostalgic trip down the memory lane and recalls the 22 April of 1950 when Vajubhai and she  had carried the inaugural issue of Chitralekha, like their own baby. Having fondly reminisced about the past, she adds that this is the time not to celebrate, but to collectively challenge the corona threat staring at us. 

Coronavirus Impact on Indian Economy

The virus that originated from China continues to wreck havoc in India and the world. The continued lockdown which has now been extended till 3 May has succeeded in partially containing the spread but the virus is still on the rampage, infecting thousands and killing hundreds and counting. What is more alarming is that even if the virus is managed to some extent, its possible impact on Indian economy is understandable. Even though the first priority of government is to control the virus that has led to the unprecedented shutdown of the country, putting the economy back on tracks is going to prove an equally tough challenge, says Hiren Mehta in this cover story.

The outbreak has brought the whole system to a grinding halt. The new crop of farmers is lying untouched, much of which has begun to decay now. As if this was not enough, one of the traders at Agricultural Produce Market Committee was found to be infected and as a result the clamor for closing down the market grew. Along with this market, all other 250 APMC markets of Maharastra were shut down. There is no sign of their resuming any time soon. Even on logistical front, out of 10 million vehicles available for transport of goods, nearly forty  percent remained unutilized during pre-corona days. Now the coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on the movement of these vehicles which are estimated to carry goods worth 35000 crores. Similarly, new cars transported for delivery to their owners have got stranded. The cost of around 10,000 cars would work out to Rs 600 crores.

As it is, the economy was in a shambles and many attribute the sagging economy to the demonetization that involved withdrawal of currencies from the market. However noble the objective of notebandhi may be, the fact remains that along with black money hoarders, it has severely affected honest businessmen as well. The introduction of GST made things worse for the  business class, as its execution was found wanting. There was, however, a hope that the new system would inject a great deal of transparency in the system, but then Coronavirus struck, which proved a last straw. The virus has now ravaged the economy.

Compared to other countries, the Coronavirus has not been as lethal in India, but is admittedly on the rise.  In order to contain the rapidly spreading virus, states like Punjab, Odissa and Maharashtra announced the extension earlier. However, the states that are not affected are mulling resumption of economic activities. Since the virus has also infected the livelihoods of people, it is hoped that the worsening scenario would not lead to higher incidence of suicides among farmers, the story adds.

A boxed piece lists the sectors that are more vulnerable to the corona impact, while another piece gives statistics of incomes of labors in different countries.

Taking Care of the Dead

During the troubled times of Corona when even relatives cannot attend cremation of their loved ones, it is Abdul Malabari of Surat who is literally taking care of the dead. So far, he has been responsible for the last rites of nearly 50,000 dead bodies. He had offered his unique services during natural calamities like earthquakes, Tsunami or flood. His Ekta Trust comes to the rescue of the dead and becomes their kin. All the four who died of Corona in Surat have been given final rites as per the faith of the deceased.

Faysal Bakili profiles this man whose services will never be forgotten.

Relationship Lockdown

The fear of Coronavirus among people is palpable. In fact, the stress caused by the corona scare has affected one’s mental stability and peace and gave rise to a kind of stress that impacts relationships with others. Even a trivial issue can spark a serious argument in families. While there is an increasing incidence of differences that have jeopardized many a relationship, Samir Paleja speaks to a couple of psychiatrists who suggest a way out of the crisis.

Amul Has An Uninterrupted Flow

Supply of Amul is not affected  despite the country wide lockdown, thanks to the Amul management and the logistical nitty-gritty it has perfected, says Ketan Trivedi in this article. It has surprised many that while the country is reeling under an extended lockdown, Amul is maintaining supply of milk and other dairy products to its customers as usual.

Why is Kot Area of Ahmedabad Infected

The Kot area of the first and only Heritage City Ahmedabad of India has been notorious for communal riots. Today, the area is once again in the news as it is infected by raging coronavirus. In this report, Mahesh Shah examines the factors that led to such a widespread infection. There are three common features that stand out among the patients reported from Ahmadabad: all were from Kot area, they were Muslims and they had attended the Markaz at Delhi.

Corona Impacts Educational System

Now when children have to miss their school, thanks to the continuing lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, education methods have undergone change. Jitendra Radadiya reveals how the teaching methods and venue have changed as a result of lockdown. Since attending classes is impossible under the present circumstances, Children in Gujarat learn from laptops, tabs and even on their mobiles in their homes

NRIs Doing India Proud

In this report, Devanshu Desai informs about how Non-Resident Indians spread across the world do exemplary works in these difficult times and perpetuate the legacy of India.

In his Vyapar Vishwa Page, Jayesh Chitaliya discusses the looming crisis of economic slowdown that is bound to follow the pandemic.

The Digital Edition also carries regular political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Gujarat Diary, Priyadarshini, Health Helpline, Jalsaghar & Mukhwas

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