Chitralekha group of publications was started way back in 1950 by Vaju Kotak, a journalistic legend of his times. The group’s flagship magazine- Chitralekha Gujarati, came out with its first issue on April 22, 1950. Since then, Chitralekha has gone on to become the most favourite weekly of the largest, arguably the most affluent and the most conspicuously consuming community in India, the Gujaratis.

For over 73 years now, Chitralekha has been keeping this community informed about news, events, culture, stories and everything that matters to humankind. On every Friday, the Gujaratis, living across the globe, have a tryst with Chitralekha.

Chitralekha continues to be the largest selling magazine in Mumbai, Gujarat & various part of India and abroad, across periodicity or language, with the readership of 2,33,000 every week*.

Since inception, the group has constantly progressed and has now various titles under its umbrella:

1) Chitralekha Gujarati

2) Custom Publishing

Till recently, Chitralekha magazine was also available in Marathi language; which has fulfilled the socio-political & literary needs of the Marathi community for nearly four decades.

The Group now covers a large gamut of target audiences at varied psychographic and demographic levels, using high quality printing technology, a completely in-house computerized pre-press to printing set-up and excellent quality paper. Chitralekha has created a reputation in both the minds of the readers as well as the advertisers.


To mark with the time and demand, Chitralekha has now created its own niche in the online publishing world. Its digital platform not only keeps the readers informed about news & current affairs, but also enriches & entertains them with in-depth analysis, commentaries through quality production of text articles & videos on variety of subjects.

Through its website and social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) and YouTube, it reaches to more than 2 million people.

Chitralekha’s digital platform has now become a preferred choice for credible content for the Gujarati readers living across the globe.