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Statue of Unity: The Ironman Being Cast in Bronze  

While the work on the construction of the Statue of Unity at Kavadiya is nearly complete, Chitralekha takes a sneak peek at the progress of the work before the rest of the world witnesses its scheduled inauguration on 31 October-the day the man who unified India was born. Mahesh Shah visits the site to get a first-hand report of the creation of the tallest statue in the world and shares amazing story of the work that has been going on behind the scenes.

The cover story opens with an imaginary scene of the KBC quiz contest where Amitabh is asking a hot seat occupant a question as to which is the tallest statue in the world among the four options namely, 1) Statue of Spring Temple Buddha, 2) Statue of Liberty, 3) Statue of Unity & 4) Statue of Emperors Yan. When the contestant says the correct answer is the Statue of Unity, Big B applauds announcing that the answer is right. This hypothetical scenario is likely to be repeated in future versions of the quiz show, affirms the author.

The Statue of Unity is the statue of the Iron Man who integrated over 540 small princely states into a united India. Gujarat being his birthplace as well as his Karmbhoomi, the state has his statues in various cities including Ahmadabad, Gandhinagar etc. Places like Ahmadabad, Karamsad and Bardoli house a museum on the leader. Even his statue is installed at the Sardar Sarovar Dam across Narmada River, which has proved a lifeline for Gujarat.

Now the Status of Unity, a 182-meter long bronze statue is coming up at Kavadiya in Narmada district. Significantly named Statue of Unity, this is a brainchild of Narendra Modi, prime minister of India. He had resolved to make the statue way back in 2008 and laid its foundation on 31 October 2013. This statue will continue to inspire present as well as future generations with its simple message: Ek Bharat-Shrestha Bharat.

The sculpture is coming up at Sadhu Bet at Kevadiya colony near the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Narmada district. Situated at 200 km from Ahmadabad and 82 km from Vadodara, the work at the statue is almost over. The whole project includes the statue, museum, bridge connecting the Sadhu Bet to the mainland. The site presents a flurry of activities usually witnessed at a construction site with numerous workers and engineers donning helmets seen everywhere.

A newly-set up SVPRET-Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust has been tasked with the responsibility of the Statue of Unity in 2011. Its president is chief minister Vijaybhai Rupani and its chairman is J N Singh. Technical experts confirm that various surveys including Geological, Seismic were carried out at the site and the design of the statue was prepared after taking into account the dead load (weight of the statue), live load (weight of tourists, materials etc)  as well as the wind load (velocity of wind the statue is likely to encounter). Besides, possible challenges arising from an earthquake, sudden force of the river waters too have also been factored in.

It is learnt that earlier a place near the Dam was selected but in view of the factors like the height of the statue, its weight, security of the Dam, ease of access for tourists, the Sadhu Bet was finally zeroed in. Experts concurred that the Sadhu Bet will be able to withstand the 1700 tons, which is the weight of the statue. The selection of the place also has an objective of employing the tribal of the area in construction and even thereafter.

It would be breathtaking to witness the 182-meter high statue when it is hoisted to be placed on a 25-meter high pedestal. The story decodes the mystery behind the height of 182 meters of the statue, indicating that it signifies the strength of Gujarat Assembly, which is 182 members.

The story carries a candid conversation with Vijaybhai Rupani, CM of Gujarat who says that the tallest statue in the world is a matter for pride for the state as well as the whole nation.

The cover story is also accompanied by two pieces: one deals with the controversies surrounding the construction of the statue and the second piece focuses on the museum coming up in the precincts of the statue.

Spa Parlours of Sleaze in Gujarat

There is nothing new about a slew of spa parlours mushrooming across the state of Gujarat. It is an accepted fact, but this report by Mahesh Shah adds an intriguing dimension to the menace. Recent raids at a sleaze centre revealed that one of the spa therapists turned out to be a transgender, who was a foreigner. This transgender had undergone a sex change surgery to become a ‘woman’ and worked at the Spa to work as a therapist. This new revelation has not only baffled the clients, but also perplexed the police investigating the case. One of the chief factors for the spread of Spa culture is attributed to rising economic prosperity among youths in Rajkot and neighbouring towns.

Jitendra Radadiya speaks to the Rajkot police chief, who explains why Rajkot has over the years been most tainted in such cases.

Shraddh: Faith or Superstition

As Pitru Paksh 2018 is round the corner, Hindus will get busy observing Shraddha for the departed, as this tradition has reverently been followed since the times of Lord Krishna. Jwalant Chhaya wonders if this is a mere superstition or religious observance of an age-old revered tradition that offers peace and salvation to your dear ones? Is it an anachronistic practice that is out of sync with the present reality or is it still relevant today? Experts queried in the story enlighten us on the subject.

The issue also carries an interview (by Samir Paleja) of Vallabh Bhansali, co-founder of Emam Group and a thought leader cum investment banker who shares his thoughts on the new movement he has initiated. There is also a report (by Nikita Shah) on the Investment seminar organized by Chitralekha in collaboration Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund at Anand and Ahmadabad.

Besides, Jayesh Chitaliya in his Vyapar Vishwa, explains the ramifications of Raghuram Rajan’s warning on the new bad loans against the backdrop of the ever-rising NPA monster the NDA government is battling with, while Himanshu Kikany advises on the backup of our data which is more important than our device.

The issue also carries Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, novel’s new chapter, Priyadarshini, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas.

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