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Celebrities’ Winter Weddings

By the time you have this issue in hand Deepika and Ranveer will have tied the knot at Lake Como in Italy. Next in the queue are Priyanka and Nick and Isha and Anand, who are bracing up for their wedding this month. In this season of winter weddings of stars, Ketan Mistry in this cover story in the latest issue of Chitralekha wonders, why such marriages become a talk of the town despite their being just a private and thinly-attended affair.

It is, however, a fact that it was Anushka-Virat’s hush-hush wedding that started a trend now being followed by other celebrities. They got married at Borgo Finocchieto, a beautiful and elegant village with stunning views. The property comprising five villas was acquired by an affluent person who restored the 800-year old villas and started renting them out for weddings.

This super expensive venue has only 22 rooms which can only accommodate 44 people. As a result, barring close family members, all other guests will greet and bless the newly-wed at the reception to be held at Mumbai.

Earlier, at the same venue, Isha-Anand of Ambanis and Piramals had got engaged there. Their wedding will take place at Mumbai on 12 December. On the same day, the story reveals, the temporarily-unemployed Kapil Sharma will tie the knot with his college heartthrob Ginny Chatrath at Jalandhar.

Talking of Ranveer-Deepika wedding, it will be a secluded affair attended only by family members. This is what triggers a question: why has it become fashionable for celebrities to marry in presence of a handful of guests only? An Event Manager seeks to explain by saying that the wedding at a secluded place ensures privacy, as people have not forgotten the war-like situation that had erupted outside the Jalsa building during the Abhi-Ash wedding. Besides keeping the prying paparazzi away, the exotic location is often the dream destination of many a celebrity.

Most importantly, there is no need for elaborate preparation of guest lists, as the special venue cannot accommodate so many people. Not many people know that these exclusive and private weddings at secluded place prove far less expensive than elaborate weddings held back home. Not only the guest list is drastically curtailed, the property owner often gives away the property either free or at a throwaway rate in hope of free publicity of his venue. Lastly, arranging security at such places is easier, whereas in India one would have to keep an army of bouncers in place.

Times have definitely changed. Earlier, celebrities like Rajesh Khanna, Sachin, Rishi Kapoor et al chose Mumbai for their wedding destination, but now the rich and mighty people dream of marrying at their dream destinations.

In India too, there are several hot wedding destinations, Jodhpur being one of them where Priayanka and Nick Jonas are scheduled to tie the wedding knot. While Ranveer and Deepika married in accordance with Konkani and Sindhi traditions, Priyanka and Nick are learnt to opt for Hindu as well as Christian ceremonies in the wedding that is to start by November end. The wedding will be solemnized at the famous Umed Bhawan Palace and many rooms in the adjoining five-star hotels have been booked for guests. Interestingly, much of wedding expenses will be met by sponsorship money, as the celebrity couple have been paid handsomely for exclusive photo rights.

Understandably, while Indian celebrities long to marry at foreign locations, Hollywood celebrities prefer Rajasthan as their wedding venue. However, what is clear is the fact that the old adage ‘marriages are made in heaven’ is passé. The latest is that these stars create a heaven-like ambience on earth and make sure their private space is not invaded by very many guests.

…And Celebrities’ Divorces

Against the fat weddings of celebrities, their divorces, too prove equally expensive, if not more. In this related cover story, Mahesh Shah recounts the story of an Ahmadabad-pharmaceutical honcho who divorced his wife after a married life spanning 26 years.

The recent case of Rajiv Modi, the Managing Director of Cadila Pharmaceuticals having paid a whopping 200 crore to his wife Monica towards alimony has been the latest talk of the Manchester of India. In another part of the cover story,Nikita cites a few cases of divorces in Hollywood, where expensive splits are not uncommon.

Making Money out of Cactus & Basil

An enterprising entrepreneur based in Ahmadabad took up the venture of growing cactus and Basis (tulsi) after realizing their herbal medicinal values. In this report, Samir Paleja writes about the experiences of Raj Shah who was associated with Reliance IT Division before he hit upon the idea of planting these beneficial herbal leaves. During his association with Urban Leaves, an organization that introduces various plants and their benefits to its members, Raj Shah learnt about stevia, and immediately realized the potential of these leaves in helping cure diabetes. He set up his own company Cosmo (Collaborative Social Movement) Natural Care and planted Stevia. Today, his company value-adds to the leaves and packages various variants of stevia for presentation in the market.

In an allied story, Jwalant Chhaya and Jitendra Radadiya write about the Findla syrup made out of a kind of cactus, which is becoming increasingly popular, as it is said to help cancer patients.

Chitralekha’s Young Readers

Faysal Bakili introduces us to a unique school in a village called Dihen in Olpad district 12 km from Surat. As a matter of fact, Dihen is known more for Gandhi’s secretary Mahadev Desai who happened to be its native. But today the school has given a unique identity to the village especially for its passions for reading, thanks to K T Patel, Principal of the school.

What is more relevant and interesting is the fact that before the Diwali vacation ensued, the students of this school (956, to be precise) were distributed a copy each of the 68th Annual of Chitralekha to promote reading. After the vacation, a quiz will be organized based on the Annual just to make sure that all the students read the issue.

A great initiative, indeed..!!

In his Vyapar Vishwa Page, Jayesh Chitaliya examines the latest spat between the government and the premier bank Reserve Bank of India, while in Digital Duniya, Himanshu Kikany talks about the latest exciting site www.airpano.comthat offers incredible bird’s eye panoramic view of visually spectacular places in the world.

The issue also carries Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, novel’s new chapter, Priyadarshini, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas.

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