Books Collection

Prabhatna Pushpo

'We have risen from the clay and we have merged with the clay. You are aware of this fact, then why don't you see us in the clay lying before you?'


Ramkada Vahu

There were burning issues before the young Vimla who was at the crossroads in her life with a broken marriage to haunt her: whether to pocket the insults heaped by the society and family or rebel against the society by marrying again?



A collection of a few touching short stories, parables and life sketches.


Dhondu & Pandu

Dhondu-Pandu’s dialogues that dissect humorously social issues and politics in a collection of pieces that, through the light-hearted banters between two household helps, hits the bull’s eye with a balanced use of sarcasm and humour.


Juvan Haiya

A love triangle of Nalin, Sudha and Vasant against a raging debate over mode of marriage. Which is better: arranged marriage or love marriage?


Buddhina Brahmachari

A unique collection of humour pieces that teach the art of living in a style that is serious on the surface but with an underlying current of humour.


Ansuna Toran

Our mourning for the dead is not without self-interest. We regret not his end, but the fact that we will henceforth be deprived of his love.



A collection of incidents/stories that reflect the inconsistencies of human nature. The stories that touch upon varieties of situations would surely make you chuckle.


Chundadi ane Chokha

A love story between the arrogant writer Bakulesh and his reader and admirer Kamal who guides him back to the right path.


Puran ane Vighnan

Thousands of years ago, man acquired the knowledge of atom and the relics of this knowledge are found in our scriptures. How do our mythologies and holy strictures deal with science?


Ha ke Na?

Pressure is exerted on a writer to write a biography of the daughter of a rich family without exposing the misdeeds of her family members?


Badapanana Vanarveda

The shaping of a tender life takes place not within the four walls of a classroom but in the lap of Nature. A collection of reminiscences of adolescent past.


Gharni Shobha

While Manchha is dying for Satish, the latter is longing for Lata.


Doctor Roshanlal

The story of a man who puts his loving wife as stakes while playing the gamble of love and keeps winning, until the end, when the other woman enters the scene and joins the game and the tables are turned.


(Isadora Duncan’s autobiography)

I waited for years the dance-form that helps me glimpse the divine through body movements.


Kadavna Thapa

A colletion of short stories, each proving to be better and more captivating than the other.


Ansuni Atashbaji

A thriller that tells the story of Mumtaz who has fallen in love with criminal Yakub


Shaherma Farata Farata

Like the king Vikramaditya who would stroll the city incognito, the modern Vikramaditya Karsankaka would hit the street with his umbrella. The author presents the life of a city through his perspective and the result is an unending laugh riot.


Manavatano Maheraman

‘Doors to my heart are open but my office doors are getting closed for you’, announcing this I left Ruby in tears and started walking like a wily villain.