Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 23 January 2017

Workout: Listen to Your Body..!

Come winter and health freaks begin gearing up for physical fitness. Some plan ambitious winter diet, while some dust their tracksuits and hit the tracks for jogging in the morning. Some do enroll in nearby gym and start doing workouts to put their sagging abs in shape. Amidst this sudden surge in zeal to improve your health, there is one warning that needs to be flagged: some fitness enthusiasts think they can make up for their long absence in gym by cramming their exercise regimen with excessive workouts. This could be harmful and often dangerous, as overdoing your workouts may prove counter-productive and cause negative effects on your body. In this cover story, Hiren Mehta points out the harmful effect of doing excessive exercise and prescribes restraint to counter it.

There is a myth that during winter our digestive system can generously cope with anything you devour. This may not always be true. What one needs to do is to listen to his body in matters of diet. Even in exercise one must listen to one’s body so that excessive workout does not boomerang  and harm you.

There is nothing wrong with being inspired by following others, be it in diet or workout. But  one has to pay a heavy price if there is no sense of proportion. The author cites an example of Doctor Rakesh Sinha who while practicing running for marathon undergoes a massive heart attack and dies on the way to hospital. It is not that the doctor was not used to exercise regimen or even marathon preparations, as he had successfully completed two marathons earlier. Yet he has had an attack that claimed his life.

A senior doctor clarifies that it is not only physical fitness, there are other factors like age, hereditary factors and faulty workouts. As a matter of fact, our body gives subtle signals if there is anything amiss. What is needed is for us is to decipher these signals and take corrective measures. Experts advise that while running, symptoms like chest pain, fatigue, indigestion, breathlessness etc should not be overlooked.

For any runner the risk of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is quite common. This medical condition involves thickening of heart muscles that leads to narrowing down of blood vessels resulting in a sudden heart arrest. Once it strikes, the heart suddenly stops beating and all blood supply to the body including the brain is obstructed. If no immediate medical care is available the patient may die.

The advice of a well-known long distance runner is that one should undertake running only and only if it suits your body, otherwise it should be best avoided. For a marathon runner, the importance of one’s mental agility and fitness cannot be ignored. If you are contemplating to participate in a long marathon, you have to start your preparations months ahead of the event. You need to first understand your body and its limits and eschew any thoughts that since others can do it your body too can do it. Each has his own unique strength and weakness.

Some people are in a hurry and think their overdoing workouts or diet control will compensate for the time lost. But it does not work that way. The body has to suffer on various fronts as a result of this overzealousness.  You have to give time to your body to get used to the changed regimen and routine.

Exercise leads to production of endorphin in body which makes you feel high, but excessive exercise causes exertion and therefore achieving a balance between workout and exertion is a must.  And of course, breaks in between intense bouts of workouts are equally important.

The rest of the story gives dos and don’ts for those who hit gym in a bid to keep their body in shape without heeding the warnings and more importantly without listening to their bodies.

Pakistan: From the Indian side of the Border

Along with Heritage Tourism and Medical Tourism, we now have Border Tourism in Gujarat, as the state has now its own Border Viewing Centre’ on the lines of Wagah Border point in Punjab, near the Indo-Pakistan border in Banaskantha district, says Mahesh Shah.

Inaugurated by Vijay Rupani, chief minister of Gujarat, the project has been named ‘Seema Darshan’-a glimpse of the Border. Besides getting to know the working of the BSF posted at the Border, from this point one can have a peek at the Pakistan territory, which is 150 meters away. We have a village called Suigam on this side of the fenced border while on the Pakistan side is a village called Mitthi village. Understandably the place is thronged by tourists from across the country.

We also get to read the interview of Ajay Kumar Tomar, Inspector General, BSF Gujarat Frontier, who feels the project will enhance a sense of patriotism among visitors.

Cricket Board: How will it fare in its second innings?

For Board officials, it is like batting on a pitch they are not familiar with. The Board that wielded limitless powers before the highest court in the country rendered it powerless has no clue whatsoever as to how to cope with the new development. Equally, it needs to be seen how the new administrators will succeed in curbing indiscipline. On their part, cricketers too will have to adjust to the power-shift and show resilience in learning to cope with the new power equations.

Watching all of them play on this unfamiliar terrain is going to be as exciting and nail-biting as an Indo-Pak cricket match, says Samir Paleja. Meantime, the grapevine suggests that there is likelihood of Saurav Ganguly taking over the reins of cricket control board, as one of the many qualities going in his favour is his transparency.

Apart from the above, the issue carries a twin-murder story that involves killing of two murder accused, believed to have killed a cop. Some believe the case is still shrouded in deep mystery, says Jwalant Chhaya.

The issue also carries Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshini, novel’s fresh chapter, Health Helpline, Jalsaghar & Mukhwas

Ishita’s Elchi

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