English Summary of Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 31 July 2017

Aliens Are Coming, Are Humans Leaving?

Is it true that NASA has stumbled upon a piece of rare information that aliens are finally descending on earth? NASA’s Science Mission Directorate’s latest statement on the subject has created a buzz on the subject:  “Taking into account all of the different activities and missions that are specifically searching for evidence of alien life, we are on the verge of making one of the most profound, unprecedented, discoveries in history”. And if really the aliens are coming, what is it that is driving us out of this planet? In this cover story in the latest issue of Chitralekha, Samir Paleja focuses on a series of some intriguing phenomena that have triggered an intense debate on the subject.

In fact, it was the Hacker network Anonymous that made a startling announcement that NASA is on the verge of announcing evidence of alien life.

Cut to Anturu village in Karnatak where one early morning, locals noticed giant foot falls outside a monastery. Though resembling human footsteps, these imprints were three times bigger than the normal human footprints with a gap of three feet between two steps. Whose feet could they be? Obviously, Aliens’..!

What added credence to the alien theory was the testimony of people who stayed near the Math. According to them, they did hear someone’s heavy breathing at night, but did not dare venture out to check who it was. Though not covered in the mainstream media, locals insisted on security in the area out of fear of aliens.

Only in the month of May this year, the Puerto Rico Telescope had intercepted mysterious signals coming from a faraway planet. The signals captured on the telescope stationed in the Arecebo Observatory are believed to have emanated from a planet called Ross-128 some 11 light years from the earth. According to scientists there are various theories forwarded for this intriguing phenomenon, the alien theory being one of them.

What added spice to the story of aliens was discovery of five mummified bodies from a Heritage site in Peru. It transpired that they were fake, made up of the plaster of Paris. However, the twist in the tale made all concerned edgy. An UFOLOGIST recently declared that the X-ray of the bodies does not bear out the theory of fake bodies. According to him, the average height of five and a half feet and presence of three fingers on the hand points at the possibility of the bodies belonging to aliens.

This recent spate of incidents has rekindled one’s interest in the possibility of existence of aliens. Now everybody is asking the same old question: are we alone in this universe? Or do we have a company?

Though the NASA has repudiated the Anonymous Hackers’ claim of any new discovery, given the phenomenal strides the space science has made in the last decade, it is likely that they have already intercepted aliens’ signals. It also cannot be ruled out that the aliens have already landed on the earth, captured by a country for interrogation.

If we look at the spectacular discoveries our space science has made,  the day is not far when we will have a close encounter of the third kind. For instance, the Kepler Space Telescope which was launched in 2009 has so far discovered more than 4000 planets outside our solar system, out of which as many as 30 planets have the conditions conducive for creation and sustenance of life.

Sunil Mewada meantime trains his gaze on the films made with a storyline revolving around extraterrestrial beings. The list of such films is long and includes ET, Independence Day, Men in Black, Koi Mil Gaya, PK not to mention the films like Alien, Mars Attacks, Starship Troopers, Edge of Tomorrow et al.

There are two boxed pieces one of which carries an interview of renowned astronomer Dr J J Rawal who answers a plethora of questions on wide-ranging issues including the possibility of mankind having to vacate Planet Earth for one of other reasons. The second piece deals with plagiarism of one of the short stories written by movie maestro Satyajit Ray in films like ET and all subsequent films of that genre including Koi Mil Gaya.

Lesbian Relationship Going Awry

Both hailed from Surendranagar, but one of them came to live in Ahmedabad after marriage. However, the circumstances in their respective lives conspired to put both of them on the collision course. This romantic collision eventually united them.

The only difference between a normal relationship and this one is that both protagonists in this case happen to be women.  One of them who manifested manly characteristics also went in for a sex change operation.

But as time passed, says Mahesh Shah, bitterness crept in their relationship. Love soon was replaced by acrimony and frequent arguments. Unless a mutual truce is reached, a legal fight cannot be ruled out.

Auction of Gandhi’s Memorabilia  

We often hear of rare articles belonging to Mahatma Gandhi coming under the hammer abroad. Under normal circumstances, it should be a matter of pride for all Indians that the memorabilia of the Mahatma are lapped by foreign buyers showing reverence for the great man.

Devanshu Desai in this article however raises a pertinent question: it is only thing to feel proud, but why every time these rare articles get auctioned outside the country? It is a matter of investigation as to how these items, be it a pair of specs or a unique sketch or his letters manage to fly off outside India

The issue also carries two absorbing articles-one (Faysal Bakili) on how Surat continues to show its respect for army men by making generous donations to their cause. The second story (Jitendra Radadiya) is on the innovative educational scheme adopted by the Paliwala Samaj, which migrated from Rajasthan to Bhavnagar, to ensure education for every child in their community.

The issue also carries Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshini, novel’s new chapter, Health Helpline, Jalsaghar & Mukhwas

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