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KBC Returns…with a Bang

Kaun Banega Karodpati, an adaptation of UK’s popular Quiz Show ‘Who Wants to be Millionaire’ returns on the small screen with a bang. It was first telecast in 2000 and its last (8th season) was on the air in 2014. Anyone who has caught up with this show in its latest avatar on Sony channel would be convinced that the program retains every bit of its energy, its aura and charm that kept the audience captivated for a long time. Even though he appears after 3 years, Amitabh Bachchan makes an effortless connect with the audience. Its well-lit purpled ambience, its hauntingly familiar music score, Big B in his charming best ever..and you know why this show is so popular. In this cover story, Ketan Mistry answers all the questions that may appear on your mental screen and offers interviews of two heavyweights behind the show.

The story kicks off with a nostalgic walk in the now faded lanes of the quiz world that was run by all-too-familiar quiz masters in India.  Two people should be credited with making the quiz scenario relevant and popular in India: one is Neil O’Brien who was deservedly called the Father of Indian Quizzing. The famous educationist and quiz master Neil organized its first ever quiz show in 1967, which proved exceedingly popular and since then the quiz captured the popular imagination. Neil passed away last year handing down his legacy to his equally competent son Derek O’Brien.

The second gentleman to have contributed substantially to the quiz scenario is Hamid Sayani, who incidentally happens to be the elder brother of Ameen Sayan, the man with a golden voice.  Hamid hosted a number of sponsored programmes on Radio Ceylon those days like Ovaltine Amateur Hour, Polson’s Quiz Kids, Pearline Double or Quits and so on.

On the heels of this popularity rise of quiz contest, Bournvita Quiz Contest was organized way back in 1972, which was hosted by Hamidbhai.

As for making quiz events popular on the small screen, it was Siddharth Basu who pioneered the trend successfully. It is Basu and his team who put together KBC in India since its inception.

Way back in the nineties, when the Star Plus was seriously mulling closing down its India operations for want of suitable content, it was this game show that proved its saviour. The enormous success of this show not only helped the channel survive, it helped it to tide over its financial woes. The KBC was a huge success, so much so that the whole nation kept its appointment with the show at nine o’clock when Big B’s baritone reverberated in the streets of every major city and town.

The astounding success of the Quiz show revived the sagging interest of people in quiz contest once again and how.

The Season 9 of KBC has come with several new features though its essential format remains unchanged. And of course, Amitabh B till date remains its biggest draw. One crore prize money is followed by a jackpot question of 7 crore. Instead of phone-a-friend, it is now video calling that has taken over and so on.

Apart from the ‘Fastest Finger First’ box that carries a few snippets about the Show, there are two boxed interviews with Big B and Siddharth Basu, which make for a fascinating read.

This is one story you would not like to miss, for sure..!

’93 Mumbai Bomb Blasts: Judgement Part II

When the Terrorist & Disruptive Activity (TADA) court announced the quantum of punishment on 7 September 2017, 24 years after the 12 bombs ripped the city apart, the accused present in the court trembled, their feet going watery. The verdict sentenced two accused to death by hanging and other two to life imprisonment. What was noteworthy was that the court directed the District Legal Service Authorities to ensure payment of monetary compensation to the victims of the blasts. This includes those who lost their lives as well as those who were maimed.

All this while, Devanshu Desai reports, Abu Salem, the high-profile accused in the case was not unduly tensed, pretty sure as he was that he would not be awarded death sentence, thanks to the extradition treaty signed by Indian authorities. The report also states that the ever so fit Salem may exhaust all possible loopholes to earn a reprieve including filing an appeal in European court against this judgement.

Unruly Flight Passengers, Beware..!

Aviation authorities have recently announced a slew of deterrent punishment to tackle the growing menace of bully passengers on flight, which often jeopardize the safety of other passengers.

Now, being unruly may earn one a long ban, which can be extended to life, if the erring passenger’s behaviour threatens the safety of flight and co-passengers, reports Hiren Mehta.

The government has recently unveiled a no-fly list to crack down on such incorrigible passengers who misbehave during air travel. The issue had caught attention of the government after a powerful politician had misbehaved with and even assaulted an airliner staff member.

The author wonders if there is a possibility of collateral damage if the complaining passengers too get dragged into the no-fly list. The raging issue brings up the memories of the past infamous case involving the then deputy chief minister who was accused of misdemeanour with an airhostess in an inebriated state.

The problem is so rampant that the IATA (International Air Transport Association) has registered a whopping 11000 complaints against unruly passengers in a year.

Blue Whale Game: The Fatal Attraction

Believed to be a suicide game wherein administrators direct a young vulnerable participant to a series of tasks to be accomplished during a period of 50 days, the climax of which is the participant having to commit suicide, the Blue Whale as the deadly game is called, has made the authorities and parents sit up to look around for potential victims, says Sunil Mewada.

The issue also has an interview of super cop Dr. Samsher Singh (by Faysal Bakili) who has been appointed Additional DGP, Surat Range.

Apart from the above, the issue carries regular Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshini, novel’s fresh chapter, Health Helpline, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas.

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