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Guj Polls: Decoding Social Media War

As Gujarat Assembly election bugle sounds louder and shriller, Congress-BJP Social Media (SM) war hots up and adds a totally new and virtual dimension to the political slugfest. Both major political parties slug it out through innovative and creative strategies aimed at wooing the electorate. While Congress ceaselessly work away on memes, videos, campaigns under hashtag ‘vikas has gone crazy’ or ‘we’re left cheated’, BJP is also working overtime to counter the constant online onslaught by creating ‘I am Vikas’ and other such hashtags.

Welcome to the new frontier of war in the 21st century, where sparring is not without its dose of humour, recrimination, occasional abuses and allegation. In this cover story in the latest issue of Chitralekha, Sunil Mewada decodes the strategies at work in this new warfront of social media.

How swift and alert are these social media warriors?

No sooner the political speeches of Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi are delivered, their effective excerpts are immediately condensed into clips which in no time appear on screens of millions of smart phones. Even interesting moments captured during the trips of these leaders from one venue to another are immediately brought on our cells. Most such political developments are converted into interesting memes or clips and circulated for propagation. The forthcoming elections have opened the floodgates releasing a deluge of such messages.

However, the ‘vikas has gone crazy’ has proved to be the most effective meme till date. Many claimants have emerged for the creation of this satirical theme that succeeded in driving even the BJP bonkers, but it is the people of Gujarat, the story points out, who deserve credit for the success of this campaign. Countless jokes and videos made on vikas-development have kept the state enthralled.

All works related to social media warfare are clearly demarcated, says the congress camp. Highly tech-savvy professionals keep manning the SM cells in all 33 districts of Gujarat and work in conjunction with Delhi HQ. All suggestions emanating from the state are scrutinized at Delhi and instructions issued accordingly. Thousands of IT workers slog away on their assigned works. Local Admins, along with main admin, are appointed for Facebook page, whatsapp group etc. Besides, other forums of social media are also brought into play.

For Facebook, Congress has created, besides its official page, a dozen of other pages each of which takes up an issue separately and deals with it. It must however be admitted that the Congress IT cell has suddenly come of age in the past few months. On the other hand, BJP gives priorities to two pages like the official page of BJP and BJP for Gujarat. Besides, there are several other pages including Gujarat Elections 2017, Adikham (unbending) Gujarat, I am Vikas, I am Gujarat, BJP Gujarat Mission-2017 and so on.

As per BJP sources, there are 15 men working in IT cell at Pradesh office. They have twin objectives: highlighting good works of BJP and shattering the myths or disinformation spread by the Congress with credible and authentic evidence. Preparing messages with these aims, they ensure that these messages are spread everywhere. The party claims that whoever has a smart phone is its warrior, as he also spreads the party’s message forward.

Congress is now gearing for preparing their social media war for the final and decisive phase. They are enlisting their achievements and their future plans, besides narrating the success story of the oldest political party etc.

The elections will be held in December but both parties are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that neither should lose this new frontier of social media. May be a little unrestrained and unfettered, this new medium is fast proving to be a very effective tool and there is no doubt about it.

Revisiting the GST

It has now finally been established that the introduction of GST was a hasty job which has led to its sloppy execution and emergence of other inherent flaws. This realization is now thankfully dawning on the government and as a result the latter is showing the flexibility to correct the flaws and making the process simpler and easily implementable.

Jayesh Chitaliya opines in this report that the announcement made post last GST Council meeting was like a shot in the arm and proved beyond expectations. The story however stresses that there are still some flaws and rough edges in the new tax structure which need to be ironed out.

The author takes up other issues also like how quick demonetization will lead to digitization, increased digital transactions and the waning popularity of IPOs.

How to Make Money Using Wikipedia

The subject matter may entice the enterprising Gujarati, as nothing would interest a businessman more than the prospect of making money. In the series Digital World,Himanshu Kikani shows how one can smartly make money using a website that is topping the list of sites most surfed worldwide.

We are all used to using Wikipedia for information, the veracity of which may or may not be credible though. Now an Israeli company has enabled an Extension that can be added to the Chrome and enable us to see the Wikipedia page in a more attractive and user-friendly layout.

It is then the author reveals a trick that can help you make money, for which you need to read the full story.

Investment Seminars at Rajkot, Junagadh & Porbandar

This year too Chitralekha organized a series of Investment Seminars in collaboration with Capital Aditya Birla in Gujarat towns like Rajkot, Junagadh and Porbandar where expert speakers like Gaurav Mashruwala, S Gururaj and Manish Thakkar addressed the audience and advised them on how smart investment of funds should be made.

Earlier, Bharat Ghelani, Editor, Chitralekha welcomed the large gatherings at each place and outlined the objectives of these seminars, report Jitendra Radadiya and Jwalant Chhaya.

The issue also carries Political and Humour Columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshini, Health Helpline, novel’s new chapter, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas.

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