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Sunidhi Chauhan
Sunidhi Chauhan
Sunidhi Chauhan

Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 30 November 2015

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Healthy Vegan Diet Leads to Longevity

By profession, Dr Nandita is a homeopath, but in reality she is much more than that. She has developed a unique holistically health and ecologically sustainable compassionate lifestyle. She talks about a revolutionary dietary plan in which she advises shunning of milk and all dairy products.

Her logic is simple: the lion knows it has to eat meat and even a human child is aware that milk should not be consumed. But we mix it with chocolate and other enticing products and thrust it down the child’s throat. In this cover story Samir Paleja profiles the Doctor Nandita Shah and her NGO and also reveals how she reached a firm conclusion that all dairy products including milk are responsible for all human ailments.

At a very young age, Nandita had left drinking milk after she learnt about how dairy industry subjects cattle to various forms of torture to extract better quality milk. Since then she has been advising others to shun it strictly. Envisioning a diabetes-free India, she is convinced that milk is the ‘white poison’ as has been described and ill-serves the human body. Not only that, the milk product cheese was earlier avoided because of the strong smell it emitted. But thanks to the aggressive and persuasive marketing campaign its makers adopted, consumers have been brainwashed into adding it in their breakfast and meals.

As a practicing homeopath, she reduces the patient’s medicines rather than prescribing new ones. She would invariable counsel the patient to religiously avoid all dairy products and thus cured countless  patients of diabetes and cardiac ailments. In the SHARAN health camps, as many as 31000 patients have benefited in one or other way.

Inspired to become a doctor to alleviate the pain of her patients, Dr. Nandita Shah argues how homeopathy can be positioned as an alternative treatment if the patients have to permanently depend on medicines. While experiencing this dilemma, Nandita happens to read ‘One Straw Revolution’ by Masanobu Fukuoka which equates pesticide with anti-biotics and concludes that if soil can be so treated to make it free from germs, why can’t the human body be free of any germs so that there would be no ailments and diseases?

This led her to prepare a healthy vegan diet that ensured that no germs are produced and as a result no physical disorder takes place. She launched a crusade to drive home her logic that milk is not beneficial to the human body and is detrimental. According to her, a myth has been perpetuated that consumption of milk generates calcium, but if that was the case, how come the countries with highest production of dairy products witness high incidence of osteoporosis, she argues?

Dr Nandita Shah organized many Seminars to put across her point but so far her experience is that people do find interest in her theory, but when it comes to giving up dairy products they develop cold feet. Later she began to charge fees for these seminars and served the vegan diet she strongly advocated during her speech. Interestingly, many participants found sudden drop in their sugar levels, thanks to this diet.

She cites several examples where heavy diabetic patients experience remarkable improvement in their health after giving up milk and making alterations in their dietary plan. Interestingly, a dog has played a pivotal role in steeling Dr. Nandita’s resolve and conviction in efficacy of vegan diet.

In a related story Ketan Mistry reveals the magic behind maxim-food is medicine. By extension this would mean bad food means bad medicine. He then stresses how scientists across the world are increasingly getting convinced that there is one cure for all your physical complications. Just make changes in your diet and live healthily for years, they say.

Junk food or Industrial junk food is at the root of all your diseases and therefore should be avoided at all costs, stresses the story.

The Ugly Face of Facebook

Those who are aware of the perils of social media repeatedly advise use of restraint and discretion in use of social media including Facebook. Trolling on social media is not a new phenomenon and if not checked on time, may lead to serious case of abuse and even physical exploitation, as evidenced in several crime cases that have recently come to light, says Sunil Mewada in this story.

Some users are always on the prowl on the Facebook to trap gullible housewives or girls. So experienced housewives counsel use of discretion, while accepting friend requests, which Facebook users are prone to accept so randomly.

A very useful article that illuminates the other side of Facebook and cautions users on pitfalls in being careless in use of social medial.

Serving…With A Difference

They do not do it with a view to getting publicity or having their names published in media. These people from Palanpur in Gujarat do it quietly, helping the tribal boys in neighbouring villages Khajuria and Bhamaria. Helping these poor urchins with essential things and even medical help, these people have created their own informal group.

Ketan Trivedi profiles this group of people who are striving to make a difference in the lives of these poor people and illuminate their dark lives.

The rest of the issue carries Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Health Helpline, Novel’s new chapter, Priyadarshini, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas. The Political column, incidentally, deals with the recent terror attacks in France, carried out by ISIS, which claimed close to 130 people and injured 300 innocent people. The commentary analyses the roots of the malaise and discusses how the ISIS menace can be reined in.

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