Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 09th May 2016

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Chitralekha Mrs. Gujarat 2016

Beauty pageants are not uncommon these days, but Chitralekha Mrs. Gujarat 2016 stood out among these run-of-the-mill beauty shows held of late. There are many reasons to believe so, but one of the important factors was that rather than only focus on external qualities, it stressed on aspects like intrinsic beauty, talents, grace, confidence, poise, eloquence, language and many such subtle but key dimensions that go make one’s total personality.

Another important takeaway of this Show was that it helped women recognize  their own latent talents and beauty. It is not uncommon for a girl to marry into a family and blend herself in it without so much as a though to carve her own identity. This Event made her look deeper, realize her own talents that clamoured for exposure. Yes, Chitralekha not only provided what is called an ideal platform for these talents to be nurtured, groomed and presented for the world to see, it also acknowledged, commended and inspired one to be a complete woman.

The cover story by Mahesh Shah and Sunil Mevada informs that the Mrs. Gujarat 2016 event met with a phenomenal response, as it received entries from as many as 350 aspirants from different parts of Gujarat. They were from housewives as well as professionals like chartered secretaries, fashion designers, pilots, doctors, healing experts and so on. For them, initial audition rounds were held at Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot and Ahmedabad.

At the grand Audition Round, 21 finalists were selected by the jury that comprised experts from various fields and finally the battle of the brains and beauties was keenly contested at Ahmedabad 2 days later.

The story profiles some of the contestants that included a gynaecologist, a fashion designer, a newly married housewife, a psychology nurse and so on. The grooming session of the finalists was conducted by the Show Designer and Director Keyur Desai who is a well-known choreographer himself.  At this session various experts addressed the contestants and explained the finer points of brain and beauty power. Keyur Desai possesses incidentally rich experience of organizing 1000 beauty shows. He admits that you need plenty of time and energy to successfully piece together such events.

The Grand Finale was organized at a Club O7 that provided to the organizers as well as the participants what it boasts of being: An Urban Escape. The Countdown to the Show was kicked off with a song and dance sequence.  A string of celebrities were roped in to judge the historic event ever held in Gujarat. Among them were J D Majithia, a well-known actor and producer, Soha Ali Khan, Bollywood actor, Fashion Photographer Ashish Sompura, Femina Ms India Earth winner Tanvi Vyas, well-known fashion designer Priyadarshini Rao, Holistic Living Guru Micky Mehta and famous Rapper Devang Patel.

As the audience waited with bated breath for the beautiful ladies to emerge on the Ramp, the face of the event Ms Sayali Bhagat made a significant observation in her introductory speech amidst deafening applause that it is matter of pride to be a woman, but to be married and be able to perform at this level lends a greater honour  to the participants.  The Show Director Keyur Desai too echoed her sentiments by calling each participant a winner in her own rights.

Several entertainment items, film clips and standup comedian’s witty jokes kept the spectators thoroughly entertained before the actual show kicked off. The 21 angelic ladies began walking on the ramp in attires specially chosen in keeping with three themes-bridal, evening gown and indo-western.

Out of the 21 women participants, only 15 were selected to go ahead. The list was further pruned to seven in subsequent rounds that involved some witty, tricky and intelligent questions asked by judges.

What followed was a grand finale and it would be unfair to put any spoilers here. All you need to do is  pick up the latest issue of Chitralekha to learn what happens next.

One of the biggest takeaways of this Event was that now for woman, marriage does not mean the end, it means a new beginning….!!

Ayodhya: Will the Rammandir Be Constructed There?

BJP’s firebrand leader Dr.Subramanian Swamy is convinced that the Rammandir will be constructed at the disputed site by the end of this year. In a recent speech delivered in Mumbai, Dr. Swamy elaborately outlined the plan, simplifying the legal intricacies. His contention was that the case is stuck in courts for the past six years and if the Supreme Court accepts his latest petition to hold daily hearing on the case, verdict is possible in just one month.

According to Dr. Swamy, there are enough archeological evidences to suggest that the disputed site is the birthplace of Lord Ram and the temple on the site was demolished by Babar’s notorious army chief. The fact has been well archived by the British as well. The matter would have been given a quiet burial had not the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi ordered the unlocking of the temple. In fact, Dr. Swamy asserts, Rajiv Gandhi would have built a Ram temple at the site had he lived longer.

In this report Samir Paleja gives a graphic account of the BJP leader who is known to not take any defeat lying down.

The Billionaire Barber of Bangalore

The heading may sound like an oxymoron, but the fact is this barber of Bangalore is a billionaire and owns close to 400 cars including a Rolls Royce. The story by Hiren Mehta reveals that Rameshbabu at first just bought one car as much for doing the car rental business as to show off to others.

At the time he had not even dreamt that he would one day end up owning 400 cars. As the business grew, one car led to another and it kept multiplying. Now his passions for owning flashy cars too blended with his ever-growing rental business.

And today he is a billionaire. Interestingly, Rameshbabu has still stuck to his roots, running his barber shop as he is convinced that the fairytale of his growth and success originated from here.

The issue also carries an absorbing report (by Keval Mehta) on how Chitralekha’s winning of two ABBY awards at the recent Goafest-2016 took the tally of ABBY trophies won by the publication to a whopping seven in barely three years.

Besides, there are Humour and Political columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshini, a short story, Health Helpline, Jalsaghar & Mukhwas.

Ishita’s Elchi

If you want to learn how to remain silent no matter what the circumstances are, you must stand near a tree..!!