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Ahmedabad Hospital Pioneers Robotic Surgery

Going by what happened at Ahmedabad hospital recently it is clear that a revolution is going to transform medical scenario in India. The day does not seem far when doctors sitting in America will be able to perform heart surgery in India. And the credit for ushering in this revolution in India goes to renowned cardiologist Dr Tejas Patel. Ketan Trivedi introduces the man to us, simultaneously lucidly explaining what this robotic technology is all about.

Is it possible for a surgeon to sit at a distance from his patient’s operating table and yet successfully carry out the surgery he intends to? In normal circumstances, the answer would be an obvious and emphatic No, but given the pace at which the medical science is progressing, the day seems to be steadily inching closer when the surgeon would be operating on his patient’s heart sitting 5-6 feet away from the operating table.

And this is where Dr. Tejas Patel steps in. It is he who has pioneered the advent of a new revolution in medical science that will break all barriers and reach a new high. Dr. Patel has earned the distinction of being the first doctor outside US to carry out coronary angioplasty with the help of vascular robotics technology. Recently he along with his assistant Dr. Sanjay Shah performed a coronary angioplasty (a medical procedure to remove fat deposited on the inside walls of artery by blowing a balloon) at his Apex Heart Institute in Ahmadabad thereby becoming the first doctor to achieve this feat in Asia and Europe, outside America.

Talking to Chitralekha, the doctor says he is sure that this new technology will put India among the leading countries in the field of treatment of coronary heart diseases. ‘We needed this technology in view of rapid incidence of heart diseases and this robotics technology will usher in a new revolution in this field,’ Dr. Tejal Patel says.

Dr Tejas Patel is not unknown to the readers of Chitralekha. Born in Sojitra village in district Kheda, Dr. Tejas who is the son of a doctor father has a string of rare achievements credited to his name in the field of cardiology. While many from this area known as Charotar have settled abroad and done the country proud, Dr. Tejas Patel chose to stay in India and brought glory to his state for his exemplary work, for which he has been bestowed with Padmashri as well as the prestigious Dr. B C Roy Award. Having started angiography and angioplasty way back 1991, very soon Dr. Patel at the end of three decades will have achieved a rare distinction of accomplishing one lakh such procedures. Incidentally, there are only three doctors in the world to have achieved this feat and Dr. Patel will soon join these doctors from Japan, America and Germany.

His most significant contribution is however angiography through Trans-Radial procedure. Earlier, the angiography was done pushing a catheter through an artery in patient’s thigh, now the catheter is inserted through a radial artery in the wrist and moved towards heart. This technique known as radial angiography has been invented by Dr. Kiermeneij of Netherlands. But of course, it is Dr. Tejas Patel who has popularized it in India as well as abroad. When he saw Dr. Shigeru Saito, a Japanese doctor performing this procedure on his countrymen, Dr. Tejas Patel called his Japanese counterpart who happened to be his friend and had him perform this procedure on 100 Indian patients.

Initially there was a vocal protest to his initiative, but everything worked out in the end, thanks to Dr. Patel’s grit and tenacity. And today, angiography is done everywhere through trans-radial procedure. Dr. Patel is now considered authority on this subject. His two books on the subject have already been published and a third one on the complications he faces in this procedure is on the way.

The cover story has a boxed item that explains how robot-assisted coronary stenting procedure is performed.

In a related cover story Hiren Mehta explains at length the 17-year journey of this Robotic Technology. A robotic arm driven by this technology can reach areas in body impossible for human hands to access, and helps perform surgery.

An Officer and A Poet

He is a rare bureaucrat who is both a government officer as well as an accomplished poet. This is a unique combination seen in Bhagyesh Jha, the ’91 batch IAS officer who excels in using his penmenship for signing government documents and writing poetry with an equal literary flair and flourish. Mahesh Shah has a candid talk with the man who is the son of a teacher and has four siblings settled in their respective fields. Among his brothers and sisters, it was Bhagyesh Jha who stood out and made a mark in every area of activity he touched.

The 63-year old Bhagyesh Jha is presently busy writing two books on his research of Upanishad.

Prison, Prisoner, Pain & He

Virendra Vaishnav was jailed in Lajpore Central prison in 2010 as an undertrial on alleged charge for the murder of a friend. It is yet to be proved if he is really guilty of the charge as is made out to be. But during his 7 year prison period, this journalist, author and poet has written books about his experience behind bars. His books are ‘Life Behind the Bars’ and ‘Prison, Prisoner, Pain and I.’

Interestingly, Virendra Vaishnav has got bail to give talk on his latest book at the Delhi Book Fair. Incidentally, it is his daughter Khushi who interacts and coordinates with his publishers when he is in jail.

‘In jail, I vent my anger through my word,’ says Virendra matter of factly to Faysal Bakili.

Besides, the issue also carries some more interesting stories. One of these includes interview (by Jayesh Chitaliya) with chairman of Association of Mutual Funds of India Dr. A Balasubrahmanian who advises the readers that one should not invest in MF with a view to doubling his money. Samir Paleja offers a sneak peek into the much-awaited The Yogasutras of Patanjali, while Himanshu Kikany tells us in Digital Duniya how online learning is getting simpler and easier.

We also have regular Political and Humour Columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshini, Jalsaghar, novel’s new chapter and Mukhwas.

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