Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 27 February 2017

Sex Scams: From Sansari to The Sadhu

Earthquake is not alien to Gujarat. The state was ravaged by it way back in 2001 when the shaking earth flattened thousands of homes and claimed countless lives. However, this earthquake is of a different kind. It involves earthquake of moral dimension and its epicenter can be traced to a sleepy village called Nalia.

The recent Nalia rape case has sent shockwaves across the country, for it is not an ordinary rape case. In this border village where temperature plummets low, even the moral graph has touched nadir this time, as one after another shameless details related to the despicable case keep surfacing. This cover story by Jwalant Chhaya and Sunil Mankad probes deep into the case that has shaken even the political satraps. The repeated rapes on one woman has brought to the fore the involvement of some leading prominent leaders notably from the ruling party.

Though it is reassuring that police have taken up this case in earnest, how far they will be allowed to go is the question that troubles people here, as many political heavyweights are believed to be involved in this unspeakable tragedy. One who is said to be the kingpin has violated the honour of not less than 45 young girls. The husband of the raped woman and other villagers vouch that that nearly 65 people are involved in this case, but only nine of them have been nabbed so far.

What is of prime importance is who are the accused in this case and whether the arrest of BJP officials will lead to catching any big fish or as usual the case file will be allowed to gather dust?

According to the application filed with the police the girl was married in Mumbai but returned home following estrangement with her in-laws. She contacted an acquaintance for a job and with his reference she got work with a person called Shantilal. But this man was to let her down, as when she approached him for financial aid, he called her home and offered her spiked drink and raped her with the help of other accomplices. Not only that, they made a video clip of their sexual act and threatened the girl to show it to her husband if she did not accede to their regular demand for sexual favours.

Now she realized that she was sinking into quick-sands, as the person who had referred her also made sexual advances with her. She could escape only after hitting him with a cutter. She was threatened by the kingpin who told her he would kill her brother if she did not comply with his instructions.

Eventually, the girl fled away to her husband’s place and tried to commit suicide there. When the hubby learnt about her ordeal, he promised her to get to the bottom of the matter to ensure the guilty are booked. In her letter, the victim has categorically mentioned the name of ‘Shantilal’ more than once. The details of her tortures are harrowing and chilling. The main accused is accused of having committed rape on her 24 times during the year and a total of 9 people have raped her forty times.

However, the case took a political turn when it was discovered that the accused belonged to the BJP. The main accused and his accomplices have perpetrated unspeakable physical torture on her. While the police have maintained that the guilty would not be spared, there is an understandable sense of skepticism pervading because of the political clout of the accused.

The girl has also shared the harrowing details of her case with the Chitralekha correspondent. It appears that she is prepared to fight till the last.

This is not the only case that has shaken the state of Gujarat. In a related cover story Mahesh Shah tells us about another case that involves a female monk of Mukteswar Mahadev Math. As charges against her kept mounting, she has recently been arrested. The monk is currently languishing in jail and if the charges against her for having unaccounted huge sum of cash and other financial rackets are proved, her stay in the prison is ensured for ten more years.

While talking to Chitralekha, Sadhvi Jaishree Giri says that some people are targeting her and it is they who want her to be jailed.

Weighed Down By Her Fate

This 36-year lady from Egypt Eman Ahmed suffers from a special ‘weighty’ problem. Believed to be the heaviest woman in the world (498 kgs), the poor woman had nobody to turn to for cure of her disease. Hiren Mehta recounts the story of this woman who, thanks to her ever-growing obesity, is now suffering from multiple complications like diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing trouble, partial paralysis, thyroid and so on, not to mention the heavy tiers of fat that hang loosely from her body.

The stage is being set at Saifee Hospital where the good Samaritan doctor Muffazal Lakdawala has taken up the challenge to do surgery on her to cure her of her obesity. In a specially made room in the hospital, the woman will undergo bariatric surgery to be conducted by a team of doctors led by Dr. Lakdawala.

Unable to move even an inch on her own, the woman who is bed-ridden for years is weighed down by her fate.

Mumbai Polls: Friends Turned Foes

On the eve of the forthcoming Mumbai Mahanagarpalika Polls, Chitralekha has come up with interviews of two political giants who were friends until very recently, but have now turned foes.

Shiva Sena and the BJP are pitted against each other in this crucial municipality polls and the leaders of both parties (Devendra Fadanvis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Uddhav Thackeray, Shivsena Supremo) in these interviews to Devanshu Desai strike a confident note and seem confident of victory.

Apart from the above, the issue also carries a story by Sunil Mevada about a Trust in Ahmadabad that does everything to ameliorate the illnesses of needy patients.

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