Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 3 April 2017

Implants: Beware of Malpractice 

Be it having a new tooth or new lense or knee replacement or even a coronary replacement, one has to be extra cautious when opting for a new implant. The latest cover story (by Hiren Mehta) that cautions against any kind of implant says that the difference between the actual cost of these plants and the price you are asked to pay is so huge that it may trigger a heart attack.

The story deals with the malpractices rampant in implant  and though the government has now taken notice of gross irregularities, the story advises what care one has to take before going in for implant.

Last week a government hospital was raided by Food and Drug Administration on a tip off. Their search later widened to cover a chain of hospitals. They were startled to discover that the contract for requisition of surgical implants was given to a kin of people associated with these hospitals. What was more outrageous than the shocking nepotism resorted by the hospital, was the fact that these implants were procured without requisite licenses. This clearly implied the sub-standard quality of the materials  bought which would have put the patients’ lives to risk. Buying of surgical implants without licence means the quality of these implants has been compromised and therefore in case of anything going wrong  nobody can be held responsible for want of proper papers.

A few days before the raids, the government had detected irregularity in supply of stents. A stent is an implant that is placed in an artery clogged with deposita. Such deposits obstruct the passage of blood to the heart resulting in a heart attack. In order to open the clogged arteries a stent is fitted in the artery to keep it dilated to smoothen the blood flow.

Before the governmental intervention there was rampant corruption in supply of stents as they were sold at astronomical rates to hapless patient’a relatives. When this fraudulent practice was pointed out to authorities they sought to correct the prevailing anamoly by issuing a notification that asked the suppliers to give the coronary implants of two categories at prices fixed by the government.

It is believed that the annual market of stents works out to as much as RS 5000 crore. Last year close to five lakh coronary implants were used. Think of the massive profits the suppliers used to make till now. They raked in moolah while the patients silently suffered.

Now the patient will get the implants at just price after governmental intervention.  But this is not the only implant that is fitted in one’s body. There are hip, knee and orthopedic implants which also called for regular monitoring.

Recently a scam involving sale of hip and knee implants came to light that forced the government’s hands and brought about a move to rationalize prices of these implants as well.

The story stresses that the welcome changes are possible, thanks to the various movements launched on the issue. What was really heartening was the fact that doctors from the fraternity raised voices and facilitated the changes in the price structure of implants.

A useful story indeed

Restoration of A Temple and A Village

In Jeeraval in Rajasthan the 2800 year old Jan temple was one of the 108 revered Jan temples. But the 2001 earthquake had caused immense damage to this ancient spiritual monument.

Now the temple is once again being restored at huge cost and along with temple the Jeeraval village too is being restored. The restoration has brought the temple on par with other spectacular and sacred Jan temples.

Mahesh Shah reports on this watershed moment.

On the Footsteps of Better Half

There are not many metal artists among Gujarati community. Devanshu Desai tells us about a very interesting story of a Gujarati couple Nalinbhai Bhuta and Bharatibahen Bhuta whose understanding and cooperation make for a very fascinating and engrossing story

The author reveals how the husband became successful after he chose to follow the wife’s footsteps

Apart from the above the issue also carries a very captivating write up on Anushka Sharma the latest Bolly wood heartthrob on the eve of her production Fillori (by Ketan Mistry)

Besides, the issue has political and Humour column, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshani, Novel chapter, Health Helpline, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas


On the demise of Chinu Modi ‘Irshad’, loose translation of his lines as tribute to the great poet

Let there be no obsession of any wishes

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